About Us

Our Mission:
To provide safe emergency shelter and basic necessities to those in need, while seeking to row effective services to further transition individuals from crisis to stable housing.”

Our Vision:

"Everyone has a warm, safe place to sleep, and all their needs are met."

Our Values:

"To provide compassionate services to our program participants, accepting that everyone chooses their own path.

To be good neighbours to our community, and responsible stewards of our resources.

To be accountable, consistent and transparent."

Since the fall of 2018 Viola's Place Society has opened it's doors as an emergency homeless shelter to individuals who, for many reasons, have found themselves without the safety and comfort of a place to call home.  Through multiple programs we help people to transition to long term independence and security.

We are a registered charity with a small team of volunteers and staff who are passionate about supporting those experiencing poverty. 

Our Emergency Shelter opens from 7PM to 7AM each night.  Clients are accepted for a minimum 2 week stay, giving an opportunity to focus on developing long term solutions without the added worry of where they will be able to sleep that night.

Our Housing Coordinator works with both clients and community landlords each day not only to find opportunities for affordable housing, but to also negotiate challenges which may arise while building long-term trusting relationships.

Our Community Trustee aims to help individuals gain budgeting skills to assist in maintaining safe and affordable housing by promoting financial literacy skills. 

The Hub is a general purpose access centre offering a wide variety of supports. Accessible to community groups offering mental health, meal or education programs to our clients.  The space also offers laundry, shower and computer access services to clients who require them from our various community support partners.