Trustee Program

What is the Trustee program?

The Trustee Program aims to help individuals gain budgeting skills, maintain safe and affordable housing by promoting financial literacy skills. The trustee worker can manage client’s personal finances to ensure that rent and power bills are paid on time, to ensure clients have safe and consistently stable housing.

How do we accomplish this?

Our Trustee Program enrolls those clients who are seeking help budgeting their money in order to pay rent and utility bills on time. Once enrolled in the program, client income is deposited directly to Viola’s Place Trust account whereby the trustee will forward payment to landlords, utility companies or whatever the client signs up for, on their behalf. The monthly income then remaining, is disbursed to the client. The trustee provides networking within our community to provide accurate financial support referrals, and analyzing monthly expenses to coach clients how to better budget their limited income in various ways. Our goal is twofold — to help clients become more independently able to manage their own finances and — to assist in eviction prevention for those who are unable to independently manage their own finances.

Who do we serve?

Our program is available to anyone in Northeastern Nova Scotia. Clients can self-refer or be directed to us by other agencies, such as Dept of Community Services.

Additional Services

The trustee works to support clients in many areas of financial management. Some supports provided to-date include:

  • Helping applying online for El benefits.

  • Contacting CRA to obtain copies of previous years information slips.

  • Completing tax returns for clients.

  • Assistance in renewing Income Assistance Benefits

  • Budgeting for single mothers

  • Assistance with completing renewal forms for rent subsidies

  • Information to clients needing to change child support amounts because of a change in income

  • Presentations to community groups to explain the program benefits.

  • Presentation about HST rebates for individuals and how to file income taxes.